It is the story of a grown-up child

"Can Humanity Change?" It is the story of a grown-up child who does not understand the absurdity and the violence of the world he is living in. Through his drawings and stories, he wonders if humanity can change? I share my thoughts and artistic work on the website “”. «L’humanité peut-elle changer?» C’est l’histoire d’un … Continue reading It is the story of a grown-up child

What is “Inside Perception”?

"Inside Perception" is a series about the explanation of the perception and the symbolism used by Kin Le Voyageur. It gives you a better understanding about the stories and the drawings.      

My Intentions & Projects

My Intentions & Projects My intention is to follow my inspiration and help others to do so. My intention is to share with you my drawings, stories, videos, etc. My intention is to bring to light all my travels and to explore arts through exposition and live performance. «Mes Intentions et Projets» Mon intention est … Continue reading My Intentions & Projects