BeHind the Scenes (BHS) (KDL)

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BeHind the Scenes (BHS) of KinDailyLife (KDL)

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What is BeHind the Scenes?

I am always interested in how art is created and where.

So when I began to draw and write, I always made sure to take some pictures and show the evolution of my work.

It is also a way for me to share my private life with you and where I am traveling.

What is Kin Daily Life?

In this selection images, you will see different variations of pictures shot in the place where Kin is creating.

What is “Early Access Post”?

Early Access Post is a feature for the lovely people who support my work through the micro-patronage Patreon

Some post like this one, will be available later for a wider audience.

Please have a look to this page

Leave a comment and let me know which drawing do you like the most!

“Be Creative & Sensitive and change Humanity effortlessly”
– Kin Le Voyageur

“BeHind the Scenes” "Kin Le Voyageur character", all Works displayed, Universe, Design and Concept by Kin Le Voyageur KLV are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-No Derivatives 4.0 International License.

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