Welcome to Can Humanity Change?

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Welcome to Can Humanity Change?

A Quick Introduction about this adventure.

My story is like many others.
 From an early age, I was exposed to the virus of Division. Its presence is so remote and so old that our cells and those of our ancestors, are impregnated with it.

So, I remember.

– I remember screens constantly telling the story of conflicts around the world, massacres and injustices.

– I remember these images of other humans physically engaging in these tensions, these power struggles and these wars.

– I remember my sadness of not understanding.

– I remember the helplessness and lack of response from educators.

– I remember that over time, one conflict stopped and another resumed.

– I remember that this loop of struggle and violence was constantly recurring.

– I remember my weariness of not understanding.

– I remember getting used to this state.

– I remember focusing on myself.

– I remember having abandoned my discontent to turn to that of pleasure and ephemeral satisfaction.


I remember that death. The one of the child that I was.

– It is simple to observe that our physical time span in this place of life is short, very short.

– It is easy to understand that the situation in which humans evolve and organize themselves is neither normal nor natural.

– It is obvious that any person sincere with him or herself, will perceive the absurdity of these organized partitions which accompany us until our physical disappearance.

 I remember keeping in myself, the perception that what I saw, that what I was living was wrong.

We are not Here:

– We are not here to be locked up in closed places.

– We are not here to reproduce the beliefs and behaviors of another time.

– We are not here to satisfy ephemeral needs and to remain in the dictatorship of sensations.

– We are not here, to continually accumulate, possess, throw and fight against each other.

– We are not here, to be formatted, conditioned to a tradition, to a culture based on division.

– We are not here, so as not to experience True Freedom, which is not imposed on us by interposed beliefs.

– We are not here to learn the repression of our gifts, of our unique perception of things.

– We are not here to participate in the destruction of our environment and our extinction.

So Can Humanity Change?

I am sure and certain it can and that it will be done in my lifetime.

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My artist name is Kin Le Voyageur.

Welcome to the real world! 🙂

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