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Do you need to be supported?

You have a problem that bothers you, an importantinterview, a delicate situation or a decision to make?

You would like to receive an outside opinion, an accompaniment or anything else, I would love to help!

What are my skills?

Before starting the “can humanity change” project, I worked for more than 15 years in companies (small and large), managed teams, negotiated contracts and started projects from scratch.

I have aquis skills in management , recruitment, stress management, team and project management. I currently live abroad and have a network of friends from different nationalities and cultures.

Coaching, listening, natural qualities.

Whether in the professional or personal field, I often received the comments that I was a good psychologist, that I was showing a lot of empathy.

I was recommended to coach or to go in that direction.

Recent and positive experiences

The opportunity presented itself very recently. Indeed, I helped two of my friends in very different fields: one to apply in a large network of educational companies and the other for a French language exam (write and oral)

I have advised and supported them throughout their process via regular Skypeconferences:

Apart from this, the purely technical aspects (writing of motivation letter, revision and enrichment of the CV, oral maintenance exercises etc…), understanding the situation and putting in place the tools to answer their problems was Important.

But above all, success comes from knowing how to give them confidence in the correctness of their decisions and in their abilities through training and repetition.

They were very satisfied with my work. I would ask them for a “testimonial” in a short time.

So if I can help you, I would gladly.

What you need to know:

First of all, I’m not a psychologist or an expert. On the other hand I am simply extremely oddly, passionate about people and I am a great listener.

To know if I can help you, I invite you to fill out this questionnaire to explain to me a little of your current situation, and what you expect from my accompaniment.

Ask me the Moon and I’ll tell you if we can go together!

I will answer you in any case (think well to check your spam/junk mail in case my email is lost…)

I look forward to getting to know you, and helping you to make a course in your life!

C'est à vous! Soyez le plus précis possible.

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