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Download Your Gift

An Inspirative Wallpaper

Your first gift:
Download the first mobile wallpaper in the “untitled” series.

If you like, you will find other wallpapers on the site.

1. Just Press on the image above or right click, then download.

2. On your mobile, go to Settings, Wallpaper and change Image.

2 Your Customized Card by Kin!

Kin loves being inspired by others and making gifts.
He just needs your first 3 letters.

If you like what I do, if you want to have more then it’s fair, that you can also help me reach my first goal.

For that, you just have to click on “Start Here” in a few days …

3 Soon:

Original Sales Auction

Collection Fashion + Bags

Note Book

“Be Creative & Sensitive and change Humanity effortlessly”
– Kin Le Voyageur

“Can Humanity Change”, all Works displayed, Universe, Design and Concept by Kin Le Voyageur KLV are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-No Derivatives 4.0 International License.

Start Here!


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