End of the First Cycle of ‘Order’

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Third part of “Order”!

Watch your emails or register on the site to download the new episode of “Order”, a series in three parts that illustrates with simplicity, the organization of the human species and its taste for disorder, and the way out of this situation.

Available in French and Spanish

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“Being accustomed to living and thinking in disorder and wanting to act on it,will onlygenerate and fuel even more disorders. The change is in observation, without judgment or comparison.observation, without judgment or comparison.

– Kin.

Be creative and discover “Images Without Texts” before reading the episode.

Available in French, English and Spanish.

ORDRE – #003 Episode – “SIMPLICITY“
Being part of the World 2. Online Published: 1904 (First: 1812)
Creation Date (written & Drawn in 1705)
Technic: Black water-based paint marker & Mixed Media Technics.

“Order”/”Ordén”/”Ordre”, all Works displayed, Universe, Design and Concept by Kin Le Voyageur KLV are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-No Derivatives 4.0 International License.

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