How to Use ‘VoyageVoyage’?

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disconnect from your world can humanity change

How to Use ‘VoyageVoyage’?


One Way to Change Humanity Without Effort.

In “Can Humanity Change”, you will find several resources that will make Humanity change.  You have two kind of contents to do this, available on this website.

One of them is ‘VoyageVoyage’, a digital mixed media magazine that you will receive for Free, by simply registering in one of the forms on this website or on the Facebook pages. or in the Instagram account.

Indeed, just watching nice drawings without violence and provocation has its own effects.

Register Now and Welcome on-board.

I invite you to register on this website and you will get your copy in Pdf. It is totally free.

If some of the drawings attracted you, contact me and I will let you know about the option available
For example, have the drawing on clothes or skin phones etc…
Have a look in the Shop of Kin Le Voyageur.


Where to Use ‘VoyageVoyage’?

You can access this pdf with any kind of device and in any place, particularly with a phone. So between two meetings, while traveling, in a waiting room… which can have pleasant effects on your mind.

Why to Use ‘VoyageVoyage’?

The idea is to give you a quick access to something different from your daily life and to disconnect you from your world.

For example, you have some decisions to make and you are not sure about what is the best solution.

Most of the time in this case, you can observe some conflicts inside your mind trying to deal with those different options.

In a situation of conflict, the best way to deal with it, is to take distance from it. And then, come back to the problem with a clear and fresh mind.
‘VoyageVoyage’ is done for that.

Another example: you have some free time and you have nothing to do, instead of reading the News (90% negative), open ‘VoyageVoyage’ and let your mind travel in a new world.

I invite you to read the post “What is Yin Energy”?

It will give you an idea on how you can take advantage of my work in your daily life and Change Humanity without effort.

Illustration about “How To Use ‘VoyageVoyage’?

I did this drawing to illustrate it. I hope that you will like it.
Humanity can change with more understanding of yourself. Seeing nice drawings and a deep story will help in that regard.

Let me know how you use ‘VoyageVoyage’ in the commentary, I will be happy to read it!

Have a good day and see you soon for the next ‘Voyage’!

Be creative, Be Sensitive and Dive into ‘VoyageVoyage’!

– Kin Le Voyageur from Can Humanity Change

disconnect from your world can humanity change

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