Four Worlds

Four Worlds Presentation

I am starting a series that comes in addition to other artistic works to give you more information on the different worlds where we will travel with Kin Le Voyageur.

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« A Voyageur does not want to know everything right away. His first glance is above all on Observing what surrounds him.

A Traveler constantly seeks to elevate his perception and integrate the differences.

By having absolute confidence in the Path he is pursuing, he appreciates every second and every element that makes up his Journey « 

Voyageur’s Notes – 001 – 2102 – KLV

01 Presentation of the 4 Worlds of the Kin Universe

The Universe of Kin Le Voyageur has 4 Worlds interconnected with each other.

* The World 0 (Zero) is that of the Unknown and Inspiration

* The World 1 (One) is that of the story of a people « The Beings » in the process of migration to a second World.

* The World 2 (Two) is that of the One-Eyed and the Blind.

* The World 3 (Three) is that of the Creation of a New World where Beings will live in Justice, Light and Peace

02 How are these different worlds manifested artistically speaking?

* World 0 is that of Pure Inspiration, that is to say that there are no sketches, diagrams or preconceived ideas before drawing. This also includes the work of Live Performance.

* World 1 is above all a book in finalization of writing in which we will get to know Beings and their way of life. And above all, we will witness the last moments of their sun and their migration to World 2.

* World 2 sets up a dystopian society where power is held by One-eyed people. The latter exercise total control over the Blind. The « Interstellar Wisdom » series and its extensions (Manipulation / Torture / Great Reset) tells about Kin’s journey in this world.

* World 3 is introduced by the « Heart » series and emphasizes the fundamental values ​​that individuals will have to cultivate to enable and establish a Just, Harmonious and Peaceful society.

So much for it.
Other surprises will await you later …

03 Transitions

Transitions between Worlds are a delicate moment as Individuals are subject to a profound Paradigm shift and are therefore forced to adapt and challenge their old belief system.

Note on the Passage from World 2 to World 3:

During the transition from World 2 to World 3, this total paradigm shift, initiated for a long time, is being unraveled.

The One-Eyed, the Blind and the Invisible Beings will need to have the courage to face their reflection, their shadow and the meaning he wishes to give to their lives.

Everyone will have a Choice of Path: that of maintaining Illusion or that of Truth

Tools can help some to advance in safety towards the path of World 3, that of Sincerity, Justice and Peace.

One of them is called the Moulting Valley.

04 What we know about One-Eyed

As we have in the previous post, World 2 is populated by One-Eyed and Blind people. The one-eyed caste has dominated the perception of the Blind for a very long time, allowing them to manipulate and exploit them beyond measure.

Knowing how to orient and coordinate their actions with formidable efficiency, the One-Eyed people have succeeded in conditioning the minds of the Blind to no longer think for themselves.

This lack of discernment leads the Blind down dangerous paths where the absence of Freedom will no longer be only psychological but physical.

05 What we know about the blind

Physical isolation is experienced as a shock for many blind people!
This threat of perpetual imprisonment was for some a point of no return:

Some Blind people come out of their Astonishment and begin to understand the Mechanism of Distractions that One-Eyed People use to keep them in Ignorance.

These Pioneers, few in number but determined, expose the One-Eyed Plan, their Method and their lie to their fellows and yet few wake up and many fall back to sleep.

The One Eyed, on the other hand, brilliantly and accurately use the fears of the Blind to make the efforts of these Pioneers even more difficult.

« Division reigns supreme. Information contaminates. Projection is Prohibited. »


« The Free Spirit is an essential characteristic of a Voyageur. Its exercise gives it the ability to navigate with dexterity and flexibility in all situations, especially the most complex. The acuity of his Free Spirit allows the Voyageur not to be attached to any dogma, any belief, any book that would go against Freedom.

Cultivating this Freedom is the basis of any good Voyageur. To forget it is to become blind to your own condition.

Voyageur’s Notes – 002 – 2102 – KLV

05 What we know about the Enlightened blind

The emergence of the Enlightened Blind is illustrated in the contrasting relationship between the aspiration for Freedom for all and the oppressive influence of the One-Eyed to lock them up.

Knowing that direct confrontation is useless and counterproductive, and in their desire to help as many people as possible come out of their lethargy, they invent and distribute tools.

One of these tools is called the Moulting Valley.

Crossing the Moulting Valley means changing your skin, leaving behind beliefs, certainties and old habits to open up to the new and fresh.

It is literally a leap into the Unknown because the hold of the One-Eyed is so deep that one is led to doubt their thoughts, what they know and their name.

Some blind people do not accept to break the coherence and comfort of their current life: finding no use in questioning, they thus reinforce their status as slaves and even enthusiastically welcome the construction of their cage.

Do not think that Awakening is an easy act, for the first step is to face your own Denial about the Present Situation and recognize your Ignorance about everything.

To agree to face Denial is to start a Journey in the Moulting Valley.

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« I meet the Stars
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on the way I draw them
and with you, I share them « 

– Kin 2012

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