Hall Of Fame

Hall Of Fame

Thank you amazing Patrons!

Welcome all to the Patreon Hall of Fame.
This is where the supporters will be recognized for their contributions in helping me going.

With your help, I will continue to work in making the content that you like.

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The Patron of Kin Le Voyageur

Many thank to all of them, and specially Juan, who help me to maintain my dream still alive during all those years! Thank to him!

– JUA – JUAN T. (Patron since December 2015) – 4 Years!

– LAU – Laurent P. (Patron since March 2019) – 1 Year!

– JAC – Jacopo A. (Patron since February 2020)

By default, you will choose three letters to be identify, like Kin. In this way, you can be anonymous and your code name will appear in the publication of Kin and in the merchandising stuff.

Thank you amazing for other people who help me by their advice and support

And many others!

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