Happy Friday

Happy Friday to Everyone!

Presentation of the Series “Happy Friday” (« HF »).

“Happy Friday” is a series of illustrations mainly from KinDailyLife, World 03 and World 01.

The Idea of the « Voyage » called « Happy Friday » is a way of presenting to the public, the Universe of Kin in an original way.

You can find this series on most social networks, search kinlevoyageur or #happyfriday.

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– Kin

*** The Story ***

Kin The Traveler sends you a Soft & Soothing Drawing of the Universe where he Lives In. « 

It is a way of bringing to the readers, a non-violent image, devoid of provocation and which invites them to develop their own personal universe.

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What is “HF” (Happy Friday)?

HF is a digital postcard from Kin Le Voyageur: there is the blue stamp as well as the sender and the date of sending.

At the bottom left is the Maya Sello Sign for the day it was published. One way to make people aware of this interesting Mayan culture. At the bottom right is the title of the drawing.

And finally, a quote from Kin in the posts gives the reader a better understanding of the illustration.

The Illustration used are being part of the series « KinDailyLife », World 3 and World 1.

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« Be Creative & Sensitive and change Humanity effortlessly »
– Kin Le Voyageur

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