How does inspiration come?

How does inspiration come? Presentation of « Untitled »

How does inspiration come?

To answer this question, I will tell you about my experience with the « Untitled » series.

What is the history of the project « Untitled »?

The inspiration came one summer.I had just prepared the cellar in which I had decided to create for the next thirty days. The isolation was perfect and the equipment was not lacking.

When I took the first sheet, I found myself a little stuck. It’s not the lack of ideas that created me a problem but rather to know where to start. Thus, I took one by one the projects of illustrated stories. I reworked the sketches and the texts. Then I moved on to another project. Then another. Then I stopped.

I did not need that for the moment. What I wanted was to feel inspired, to create beautiful drawings.

I also wanted to work the colors and get out of the black and white.EiaMoon my friend told me that it would be nice to integrate colors in my work.

Let’s go!

So to start and untie the imagination, I took a sheet and began to draw curves and shapes. I repeated the exercise a dozen times for a few days.The curves and shapes reminded me of one of my old drawings « Magician Woman ». I thought it would be good to inspire and develop this idea.

So every morning for an hour, I drew a female face with a hair and a fantastic scenery.

I have been doing this now for 3 months …

What is the material and technique used?

The work is done without sketches and directly on the black cardboard that I use. At first the dimensions of the support was relatively small (9 cm x 14 cm). When I started to gain confidence after a 15 of portraits, I took a larger support (19.5 x 29 cm).

This confidence was also illustrated in the choice of colors. At first I used white and gold that I knew well. Then after 13 portraits, I started using only yellow, then red and then blue.

The painting is acrylic.I refine some details in black felt.

So to start and untie the imagination, I took a sheet and began to draw curves and shapes.

Some rules to be inspired

1 Create the conditions

To be inspired, it is necessary to create the conditions around oneself. This includes the storage and preparation of the place but also the equipment. First, take the material with which you feel comfortable.

2 Do not hesitate to give up.

In this example, I could have forced myself to follow the projects of illustrated stories but I did not feel it. When I start making an effort during the creation process I pause. I do not hesitate to leave a plan for work for another.

3 Trust brings quality and greatness

When I started the dimensions of the cartons were relatively small and I used only white with a little gold color. It allowed me to go quickly and limited the risk of error.
Then trust coming, the dimensions became bigger. At the color level, after using white, I switched to red, yellow and blue (and I continue to experiment with new colors)

I repeated the exercise a dozen times for a few days.

Now I can talk about it

After more than 100 drawings, I can start to describe and talk about it.

This series was invited when I formulated my intention to make beautiful drawings. It’s been 3 months since I stopped doing that.

Forms, animals, stars and galaxies, this is what you find by looking carefully at the illustrations of the series « Untitled ».

The drawings inspire the power of Yin, harmony and trust.

I invite you to read the post about Yin energy here.

What is the next step?

Now I look with interest at a big black and blank sign of any design. One of my challenges will be to paint this big black board.

I have many projects around this series, including the idea of editing an illustration book, making card games or putting quotes for each of them.

Leave a comment and let me know what you think about!

A Creative Game for you:
It’s your turn to be inspired!

At no time did the idea of naming these wonderful creators come to me. I would like them to have more than one name with a characteristic of their own.

Their name corresponds for the moment to that of the file Scan.

Take your time and leave a comment, a name … a title that inspires you for each of the drawings.

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