Kin Daily Life (KDL)

The Daily life of Kin

Interested in the perception of Kin Le Voyageur in the real life?
Curious to know how his daily life goes?

Episode 2 – Kin daily Life

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KinDailyLife – Episode 2

Episode 2 Video- Kin daily Life

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Episode 2 – Variation & Effet

Version 1: With Text and Color Effects
Version 2: Only Color Effects

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What is Kin Daily Life?

‘KinDailyLife’-(KDL) is a regular comics that gives an insight into the daily life of Kin Le Voyageur.

The current series is made of one image.
With this image, I am doing different variations.

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« Be Creative & Sensitive and change Humanity effortlessly »
– Kin Le Voyageur

“Can Humanity Change”, all Works displayed, Universe, Design and Concept by Kin Le Voyageur KLV are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-No Derivatives 4.0 International License.

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