Moulting Valley: Ascension

The Ascension of the Moulting Valley

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« Traveling light is an obligation for those who wish to go far and reach the summits of the Mountains. Thus, each element making up the Voyageur’s luggage is carefully considered and meets an essential need. If this condition is not fulfilled, the element must be put aside without pain or remorse. This is also true for the mind: the elements belonging to memory, good or bad, pleasant or not, must be the object of a precise inventory.

What is it for, will you tell me?

By having a light mind, letting go of the heaviness of the past, the Voyageur maintains his perception of his environment in a constant state of freshness and novelty. Thus, his sensitivity to things will be increased, his decisions adequate and his journey even more beautiful.

Voyageur’s Notes – 005 – 2102 – KLV

10. At the bottom of the Valley

At the bottom of the Valley, the Blind Man will feel this deep sadness at having lost a lot of life time in dreams and ideas that are not his.

He is now aware that he has accepted the One-Eyed lies as the truth and wonders how he was so foolish not to see the alerts and alarms that have peppered his life course.

In some cases, he remembers those moments when he defended and praised the One-Eyed system in front of his fellows as being the only solution and that in any case nothing could be done to change it.

He goes through the stages of his life and now perceives that the decisions, choices, opinions he may have made in the past were only the reflection of his own condition as a slave.

This step is painful because all of a sudden, the Blind Man feels alone and lost, without landmarks.

It is the beginning of the Shedding, the moment when the Old Skin, that of Insensitivity, Ignorance and Separation, is detached from his body.

11. Return to Denial

Some blind people go back to Denial, then to Anger, Fear and Sadness.
Going around in this loop again allows them to question again the Certainties Beliefs, Ideas and Habits that they carry within them.

A blind man who is serious in his approach understands that:

– the stage of Denial locks it in passive inaction.

– the stage of Anger locks him in the idea that his claims have not been heard.

– the Fear stage locks him in depression, paralysis and bewilderment.

– the stage of Sadness locks him in Depression or even in a state of hibernation.

He also knows that these stages are not compartmentalized and that oscillations exist between them. One of them is Bargaining: the Blind man agrees to lose according to him a « little » freedom to maintain his daily comfort.

It is not uncommon to observe a return to the « Loop of Denial » in the Ascension phase.
This experience is for sure beneficial because each Blind man evolves according to his own path of life. Respecting and accepting the tempo of each person on this journey is showing Wisdom and Compassion.

Ignorance is a Decision.

This step of Return to the Loop of Denial is part of the Healing process.

12. New Energy and Summarized Stages of Ascension

Freeing oneself from the old skin differs according to the Blind: for some the process is immediate, for others several attempts are necessary.

In any case, the step of Accepting the Present Situation resulting from New Knowledge is liberating, as the Blind person no longer seeks to hide behind pretenses and Lies. Thus his energy is redirected to the present action. This Energy is positive and regenerative.

His drained battery will once again fill with new, healthy energy. The most generous and open Pardon will heal the wounds and sufferings of all ages. This conscious act includes forgiveness to oneself, to one’s inner child, to one’s parents, to other blind people and even to One-Eyed People. With Wisdom, he integrates that the Current Situation was a catalyst allowing him to wake up.

The Clarity thus made, the Blind in all serenity, begins to seek deep inside him, the reason for his presence here and the talent he has to offer to others and to himself.

Unlike Bargaining, the Blind at this stage accepts no concession to his Freedom and no tinkering or half measures.
The Truth matters to him more than anything and the Consent that he is led to take will be Enlightened because he seeks by himself the relevant Information to create the conditions for the development of his talents and is no longer distracted from the manipulations incessant one-eyed.

Informed Consent is Necessary to View False as False.

The construction of his own life path made up of his choices, his talents and his faith, becomes his leitmotif in each of his actions.

In this surge of Wisdom, he lets the events around him unfold and nurtures a pure and true intention towards the other side of the Valley of the Moult.

At this stage, nothing can make him come back to the other side, because he has integrated in the depths of his being that Liberty, his freedom, is the sine qua non for the quest for meaning in his life. Previously he was unable to make her aware because she was so buried in him, so abused by her environment that she appeared to him like a sweet childhood dream then like a teenage fantasy and finally like a stupid utopia from another time.

He also integrates his inability to change the world and focuses on what he can do, that is to say create the Conditions for his development.

Usually it is the time of Miracles and Synchronicities which, correlated with his ability to let go of events and an unwavering faith that the Universe is Beneficent that the Blind Man finally comes out of the Current Situation to reach the top of the world. other side of the Valley.

13. At the Top

At the top of the Moulting Valley, the Enlightened Blind person shows Benevolence towards all Beings and especially himself. His Intention is focused on seeking and exploring the Potentialities of the Future that appear to him in relation to his new Path of Life.

At this point each New Knowledge no longer plunges it into the valley but sends it directly to Acceptance and Forgiveness, then to a Penetrating Vision of opportunities to be seized where Happiness and Harmony are kings.

At this height, he visualizes the New World, far away from the One Eyed, their labyrinth and their childish manipulation. He perceives the Foundations.
Deep down, he knows that he is one of the new Builders of this New World.

That of the World 3.

The Adventure has only just begun!

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