My KinDailyLife #001

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KinDailyLife #001

What is KinDailyLife?

KinDailyLife are slices of life from Kin Le Voyageur, the creator and author of this site. It can be simple thumbnails, pictures or anything else. This will give you an idea of ​​his state of mind and will enlighten you on his daily life.

This first episode tells an adventure that happened last Friday, the day of the launch of the first issue of ‘VoyageVoyage’.

What is “the superfluous click”?

I am not a technician and even less a computer scientist and I know that disasters can happen when you “click too much” or do the “superfluous click”. There is always a way like Ctrl + Z or a warning message for the majority of applications but this is not always the case. is a platform that has incredible advantages over many aspects but does not have these two small functions that help beginners like me in the particular case of the choice of themes.

You have to be careful.
Very careful.

La puissance des thèmes sur

On WordPress, one of the great benefits is the appearance feature through the use of themes. It allows users to choose the appearance of their site from a pre-defined model. The site’s container is completely dissociated from its content, we can change graphic theme “at will” with at our disposal an infinite number of functional and operational theme, while conversing articles, videos, images etc.

You choose a theme, you click “Activate” and it’s good!
Your website works
All you have to do is customize.

Another option gives you the ability to preview your site from a theme without activating it.


The search for the right “theme”

When I launched “Canhumanitychange”, I chose a simple blog type theme quite quickly. It did not suit me perfectly but at that moment, I focused on the creation of ‘VoyageVoyage’.

Subsequently, the idea was born to have a theme that would allow the visitor to see at a glance all posts with an associated image.

Bingo! I find a theme that fits, I install it and I activate it.

Short bingo because the display of posts and images were superimposed on the first visit and you had to refresh to see them correctly.

I did not see myself putting an alert on the homepage: “do a refresh guys!”

So I put in my “to-do-list”, spend half an hour on exploring themes.

Le Day-D”J”, the big skid!

A few weeks later, D-Day arrived.
It was a Friday.

And here we go, I’m on wordpress in the exploration of themes, I use the filter function, I choose on the fly themes that interest me, I install them and put them directly in preview, a mode or I can test some customizations without activating the theme.

That’s where everything goes.

I start to accumulate the windows, I do a little bit at once, I select, I install, I launch the preview, I make modifications, I do not like it I take a turn in the selection, I install, I’m doing the preview etc …

The machine is racing, I now open the “previews” to the chain. The number of windows accumulates on the explorer, I have trouble sorting between old and new themes, my screen is full of tab, new tab … a brothel.

A great idea is nothing without a good execution.

I decide to clean up and start over on a good foundation. Which means, eliminate the superfluous, concentrate on the essentials and make a good cleaning of the screen with one or two windows maximum.

So I said to myself, how do you uninstall a theme? This will allow me to see more clearly. After a few minutes I find the red message “delete permanently”.

I have never been afraid of red.

Here we go!

The machine races again and I erase and erase again and again unnecessary themes.

And then, I make “the superfluous click”

The active theme that I had no longer pleased me, why not erase it because I had access to much better than him and saw that it seemed to me that I had activated another.

And “hop” we erase it!

After clearing the themes, why not continue cleaning and close all windows of my explorer.

And “hop”, an empty and clean screen.

There, I say open up again wordpress and start again on good bases.

And when I open WordPress again: blank page.
No error message anything …
A blank page.

And there, well you realize that you made a big mistake.

It’s always the right time.

Have you noticed that this kind of event always comes at the right time?

In my case, it was the day that the “Voyageurs/ Registered” had just received an email that morning, inviting them to connect to the site to download the first issue of ‘VoyageVoyage’ Yin Energy.

What a good impression to offer them, a beautiful blank page … without any explanation …

By removing the theme I was on …. WordPress was making calls from items that no longer existed. So blank page and unable to enter the interface again.

Great, I say to myself. 🙁

Reveal the reverse side

I never found myself in this kind of situation. What to do?

I contact JYP aka Mountain Man who advises me to contact the company that manages the accommodation and ask for the snapshot. The snapshot is a backup of the data. The idea is to return a few days before and voila!

Great, I say to myself! 🙂

The host confirms to me that the option Snapshot had not been activated, there is no data backup.

Great, I say to myself. 🙁

Then, I remember that I had installed an automatic backup plug-in. I look in my dropbox. All the data is there!

Great, I say to myself! 🙂

But now what should I do with that?


Am I the only one in the world?

I look at the forums “accidentally delete website / theme”.
Nothing or nothing that suits me 100%. It’s fun to feel for a few seconds unique …

After a few minutes to read and read, I understand the idea of what to do, for cons I have no idea of its execution.

In this case, it is to integrate the backup at the host or something like that. I can not do it. I would need one day to read and understand the theory and surely one more day setting up.

It’s finish. Humanity can not change.
The site will never work again.

Are situations of impotence not interesting?

Astonishing, this kind of situation where you can not do anything.
These moments when one realizes of his impotence. We must appreciate them because rarely we find ourselves in such a case, since we spend our time wanting to “control” his life.

Bre, all day was fucked. My schedule was upset.
I did not have the heart to start a new task.
I was confused.

I left the studio to go out and have a coffee.

At the bar, I relaxed. I read.
I was thinking about what I could do, send an email to subscribers? To tell them what? I had no idea how long this kind of repair could take.

While writing a story and drinking a coffee, I felt the slight shudder of inspiration and I began to draw this mishap. At least I could share it on social networks and people who are registered can understand the situation with humor.

The man of the mountain

Then the man from the mountain appeared again.
It is said of him that he juggles with Php, Adm, Consoles and databases.
I give him what he asks me and I go to bed.

At five in the morning, I wake up, mechanically look at the internet, the site loads.

The man from the mountain had succeeded.
I’m lucky to know him.

Humanity could change!

What lessons can be learned from all this?

In a state of overexertion, knowing how to recognize it (this is the part, the most complicated to observe), avoid performing important actions and distance yourself from what is happening. Relax, breathe and resume the action in a peaceful state of mind.

In a state of helplessness, do not allow yourself to be victimized, remain open to opportunities and take action.

In our environment there are always people who have the keys to unlock a situation that is beyond us. To know how to be a pupil when it is necessary is to know how to get back to his right place.

Here are the drawings of this adventure!
Tell me if you like this kind of post. I could do it again!

See you soon for a next trip!


Be Creative, Be Sensitive & Dive in “KinDailyLife”

– Kin Le Voyageur de Can Humanity Change

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