New Moon

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New Moon

What is the meaning of the “New Moon”?

As the first phase of the moon cycle, the new moon phase holds special meaning for cultures around the world.

It is often viewed as a symbol of new beginnings. This magical phase provides a reset where goals are renewed, desires are set, and new intentions are made.

The moon’s energy has the power to control the ebbs and flows of the ocean and can even impact human behaviors, especially for the female human.

The new moon is rich with symbolism and it represents a time of great self-awareness where hopes and visions for the future can be manifested.

What is the use of the “New Moon”?

The main idea is to communicate this change to the people who follow Kin Le Voyageur and make them aware of this natural phenomenon.

Reconnecting with our first natural clock can be for some, an important event, for others a beautiful natural image.

Do you want to accept advice?

Whatever the nature of your motivation, take a few minutes to look at the moon. It’s simple, right?

How do I integrate the phases of the moon in my work?

At the creative level, it’s the announcement of a new series. Today we will push a little further the idea of choice with WatchGuess or WatchChoose games.

Here are some videos that will offer you a trip through the illustrations of the series “Untitled”.


“Be Creative & Sensitive and change Humanity effortlessly”
– Kin Le Voyageur

“Can Humanity Change”, all Works displayed, Universe, Design and Concept by Kin Le Voyageur KLV are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-No Derivatives 4.0 International License.

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