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Start Here!

Start Here!

Welcome my friends!!

I am very happy to see you there.

You are not here by chance and I will tell you why.
Today you will learn what IKIGAI means.

“Start Here” to see the illustration of this concept;

The Center is the IKIGAI (drawing of the way to happiness). It is a harmonious state with oneself and in society between:

” What you like to do”,
“What You are good at”,
“What the World needs”,
“What you can be paid for”.

I discovered the Ikigai a fortnight ago. The story began when I was asked to design a drawing for a five-year-old boy.

Helicopters, Planes and Cars represent two thirds of the design. For the last part, my intention was to give him something deep and positive. While searching, I came across this Japanese concept that I illustrated.

Now that you are here, let me show you some of my works and then, I will go more deeply in my Ikigai.

Quick View of the Voyages in Video

Quick View of the Voyages in Images

Do you like it? Check Here to see more Voyage

Let’s continue this journey to my Ikigai, hoping that it inspires you to make your own. 🙂

Nowadays, we can observe that our situation as a human species is questionable. It seems that our actions to resolve the problems are ineffective and have a strong tendency to create new problems.

And it seems that individually we are experiencing this same situation.
If you want to get out of this vicious circle,
You are at the right place.

So, “What the World needs”

– The World needs to explore life differently and more simply
– The World needs authenticity and depth.
– The World needs to learn to create and think together.
– The World needs dreams and poetry.

Individually and Collectively, we all want the same thing, to live happily, in an environment of peace and explore our talents.

Why don’t we do it?
Why can’t we change? I mean really.

When you think about it seriously, real change can only be personal. Living on your talents and having a sense of life, isn’t that the best thing to wish for our children and yourself?

If you want to influence those around you, start with yourself.

This is what I decided several years ago. To turn the page on experiences and conditioning that locked me in a life that was not mine.

The “Can Humanity Change” Project and the “VoyageVoyage” content tell you in a poetic and profound way the changes necessary to begin to take the first step towards change.

What kind of content?

The messages and images contained in “Can Humanity Change” have only one intention:

Nourish and capture the attention of your inner voice.

Being attentive to its messages will give you several advantages … including that of knowing more precisely, “What you like to do”, “What you can do good” and what the world needs ”

By reconnecting with your inner voice, you will be more sensitive and more creative, so you will make the right decisions.

By making the right decisions, others will imitate you and so humanity will change effortlessly.

On board now!

“Sois créatif, sois sensible et change l’humanité sans effort”
– Kin Le Voyageur

Start Here!