What is ‘KinDailyLife’?

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What is ‘KinDailyLife’?

Interested in the perception of Kin Le Voyageur on life?

Curious to know how his daily life goes?

‘KinDailyLife’ is a regular comics that gives an insight into the daily life of Kin Le Voyageur.

The current series is the first one made from 4 vignettes and illustrates an event, a situation in the life of Kin.

Canhumanitychange Kindailylife kinlevoyageur voyagevoyage
Example of my daily life when I started to write “Between Us”

What is the content of this first series?

For the moment, everything is centered on the launch of the website , of ‘VoyageVoyage’, of the writing of ‘Between Us’ to appointments with the administration and friends.

It is a pivotal moment in the life of the author who is about to realize his dream “Create without constraints”.

Where can you follow KinDailyLife?

You can follow KinDailyLife on this accountInstagram/kinlevoyageur and here that of Facebook/KinDailyLife.

To be sure not to miss anything, the best is to register on this site and you will receive ‘ VoyageVoyage ‘ and ‘ Between Us ‘ where will be present the episodes of KinDailyLife.

And to be really sure of not missing anything, to have exclusivities, gifts and surprises the best is to become simply a ‘Voyageur’

Curious? Click here to read “What’s a Voyageur?”

KinDailyLife-Version without Words-

One of the goals of “Can Humanity Change” is to awaken the creativity and sensitivity of readers.

KinDailyLife-without words, gives readers the opportunity to imagine and guess the situation, without the filter of words.

Try to see!
Give a title or write the situation on one or two images of the version without words.

> Click on the image you want and write in the comments what you blow your imagination, you may be surprised.

KinDailyLife-Version with words-

The final format of the series when publishing paper.
With the headline down well visible, the name of the series in the top right, and voilà!

Try to see!

> Click on the image you want and write in the comments what you blow your imagination, you may be surprised.

can humanity change kin le voyageur

“Be creative, be sensitive and Change humanity Without Effort!”

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