What is “Order”?

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What is “Order”?

The first “Comics” published by Kin le Voyageur

“Order” is a series in three parts. (at least for now)
It talks about us, “the Human Species“.

The main focus is to show all the barriers that, us, the human species have created for centuries. As a result, we live in the world that we know now:

A World in Disorder

We have to accept with humbleness that our world, our lives, our relationships are in disorder.

Just recognizing this fact is the first step.

Even if we have a good situation, no material problems and so on, we are not separated (as we maybe think) from the poor, the violent, the dramatic lives of others.

We are in one way or another connected deeply with “the Human Species”, with other human beings.

No Solution

So living in disorder brings unfair laws, unfair ways of living, unfair institutions and so on.

– We cannot expect from the other, from the society, from our parents etc…  to solve our problems ;

– We have to to recognize that by living in disorder all “solutions” that we can set up will be impregnated by disorder.

So here we are.

We need to put some Order in ours lives.
This movement has to be done with the highest idea of freedom that we can imagine.

“Order” gives you the keys to step into a new world.


Condensed content

For many years, I was developing a series of symbols to illustrate the human condition.

When I showed “Order” to some people and started to explain the message inside of it, I realized that some pages could be the content of a big book.

So I prefer to stop explaining and let your own Intelligence” do its job. Something inside you knows what I’m talking about.

Even if you don’t understand everything, just looking at the drawings and reading the texts is sufficient. And if you can, take a close look within your body and see how it feels.

This story can be read and understood in different ways. Search for the hidden message inside of it: Be creative, Be Sensitive!

 If you prefer to change humanity in another way, have a look at “Yin Energy”

About “Order”

I did different versions of the words due to the complexity of the message.
This one is the second version.

The original version is available for the people who are supporting the Project.

You can Support my Project Here.

How to get the first episode of “Order?”

I invite you to register on this website and you will get your copy in Pdf.

It is totally free.

If some of the drawings attracted you, let me know and then we can decide to do something with it.

For example, to get the drawing on clothes or skin phones etc…
Have a look in the Shop of Kin Le Voyageur.

Be creative, Be Sensitive and Dive into Order!

– Kin Le Voyageur from Can Humanity Change

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