What is “World 0?”

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What is “World 0”?

Introduction to different worlds.

In the universe of Kin Le Voyageur, different worlds exist and are all interconnected.

In this way, I make a distinction between messages and drawings. I imagine that some people would be more interested in a style or stories related to certain world.

What is “World 0”? The first world in a series of four.

The Book: “The beings”

In addition to my artistic work, I write a book called “The Beings”.
It is an adventure very different from what you are used to read.

In this book you will learn different worlds and how to move from one to another.

For now, I stopped writing because I’m focusing on the website, promotion, etc. It’s a part of the “Milestone” that I have to reach. If you help me do it, you will not be disappointed.

You can Support HERE

“World 0”: White on Black

“World 0” is a series of drawings inspired by “I do not know what will come out”.

In general, I take a paper and start drawing. I never do sketches before drawing. When I draw this world, I tell myself that I am learning.

The inspiration comes from itself.

I really like immersing myself in this universe and creating a story inside the drawings. I invite you to do the same when you look at these illustrations.

In the Kin universe, “World 0” means the invisible, the infinite and the unknown.

An excerpt from the book “The Beings”:

“Their sun did not reach those remote areas. They had entered the domain of “0”, the unknown (…). Caution, precision and attention were needed to get into the 0 range. “
“The beings” – Part 1 – Book – 1305

How to get the digital magazine “World 0”?

I invite you to register on this site and you will get your copy in Pdf. It is totally free.

If some drawings inspired you, leave me a message.

Take a look at the Kin Le Voyageur shop.

How to use “World 0”

I invite you to read the post “How to use ‘VoyageVoyage’?

This will give you an idea of ​​how you can take advantage of my work in your daily life and change humanity effortlessly.

If you prefer to change humanity in another way, take a look at “Yin Energy”


The next issue of “World 0”

At the end of the Pdf ‘VoyageVoyage-World 0″, I invite you to answer 4 questions. It will help me improve my work and make more trips like this.


You can leave me a comment at the end of this post.
I am curious to know what inspires you the most!

Be Creative, Be Sensitive and dive in “World 0”

– Kin Le Voyageur de Can Humanity Change

can humanity change kin le voyageur

world 0 voyagevoyage canhumanitychange world 0 voyagevoyage canhumanitychange world 0  voyagevoyage can humanity change
world 0 voyagevoyage canhumanitychange

world 0  voyagevoyage can humanity change

See you Soon for the next ‘VoyageVoyage’, friendly travelers!


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