What is “Yin Energy”?

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What is “Yin Energy”?

A Quick Introduction about Duality.

Before explaining what is the series of “Yin Energy”, we need to refresh the basics about Duality.

If you are not familiar with the concept of duality, just keep in mind that it exists two opposites forces managing our existence.

– Those forces are totally complementary.
When one of them is up the other is down and vice versa.

– Those forces are always in movement.

You can observe it by yourself in your life or learning about History.

A situation is never frozen.

What is “Yin Energy”?

The word “Yin” comes from the concept of Yin-Yang, the two forces.
Yin and Yang are only benchmarks in the incessant change of life.

For the launching of VoyageVoyage’ and the website of CanHumanityChange, it was important to start with the roots of life.

– Yin represents the hidden, the deep, the mysterious etc.
Indeed, as the source of all, the Yin is always present even in the Yang.

What is
Yin will become Yang
and what is
Yang will become Yin.

  – Yin is usually used to represent the feminine energy but it is more than that.

Everything begins with a step Yin:
Every human comes from a female “Yin” body.

“Yin Energy” in ‘VoyageVoyage’

For the launching of the first issue of ‘VoyageVoyage’, what better way to start by a tribute to the “Yin Energy”.

You can enjoy different representation of the Feminine body.
Lines are simple and came out from the first inspiration.

Then I wanted to connect those drawings with the reality of the nature. To do so, I’ve taken some photos of them outside during the summer season.

My first intention was to always have present the element “Stone” in order to represent the toughness of this energy. Then I enlarged to others element like Water, Earth and Wind. 🙂

How to get the Digital Magazine “Yin Energy?”

I invite you to register on this website and you will get your copy in Pdf.
It is totally free.

If some of the drawings attracted you, leave me a message.
You can get the drawing on clothes or skin phones etc…
Have a look in the Shop of Kin Le Voyageur.

How to use “Yin Energy?”

I invite you to read the post “How to use “VoyageVoyage”?

It will give you an idea about how you can take advantage of my work in your daily life and Change Humanity without effort.

If you prefer change humanity in another way, have a look at “Order”


The Next “Yin Energy”

At the end of the Pdf “VoyageVoyage – Yin Energy”, I invite you to reply to 4 questions. It will help me to improve my work and make more Voyage like this.


You can leave me a comment at the end of this post.
I really like to know what inspires you the most!

Be creative, Be Sensitive and Dive into Yin!

– Kin Le Voyageur from Can Humanity Change

yin energy voyagevoyage canhumanitychange

Yin Energy Can Humanity Change

Yin Energy Can Humanity Change

See you Soon for the next ‘VoyageVoyage’, friendly travelers!

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