What’s Between us?

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What’s Between us?

Interested in the backstage of this adventure?

Curious to know how this “bizarre” project is going?

‘Between Us ‘ is a short series of emails, published at least once a month, which gives you exclusive information on the backstage of the project, the daily life of the author and your comments and feedback!

Canhumanitychange Kindailylife kinlevoyageur voyagevoyage
Example of my daily life when I started to write “Between Us”

There are different types of content all centered behind the scenes of the project, the challenges, the objectives, the tests, the comments of other travelers etc..

“Between Us” is translated into English and French.

During the publication of ‘ Between us ‘, I pause ‘ VoyageVoyage ‘.
Thank you for leaving me a comment if you enjoy this new project!

English Version

What kind of content?

(^o^) My challenges

Here I explain the challenges I face. Currently there are two:
Living from what I am creating
convince people to sponsor me.

Screen copy of the content

(^o^) The objectives

We’re talking figure.
This may be the number of ‘ VoyageVoyage ‘ published, the number of followers I would like to have on such social account etc.
As I start… Well this is really the beginning.

Screen copy of the content

(^o^) Your feedback and comments

Synthesis of the comments received via surveys, testimonialsor via the website.
MEL’s text is very beautiful, I would translate it soon in French.

A nice testimonial!

(^o^) What I’m testing, the initiatives I take.

Here it will be an opportunity to communicate about the tests I do, especially on Instagram.

In recent times, I test “choose Watch” and “Imagine guess What“, a game from my drawings where people choose a path and have to guess the story.
Readjustments are to be made.

Screen copy of the content

(^o^) KinDailyLife (The Daily life of Kin/the author)

I take advantage of ‘Between Us’, to share my adventures as creator of this site with the project ‘KinDailylife’

How to receive ‘Between Us’?

It’s very simple, you just have to register here and you will receive at the same time ‘ VoyageVoyage ‘! Isn’t Life beautiful?

can humanity change kin le voyageur

“Be creative, be sensitive and Change humanity Without Effort!”

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