Moulting Valley: Descent

The Descent of the Moulting Valley

Je commence une série qui vient en complément des autres travaux artistiques pour te donner plus d’information sur les différents mondes où nous voyagerons avec Kin le Voyageur.

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« There are many ways for a Voyageur to get lost. Forgetting who you are and the reason for the trip is certainly one of the most difficult to manage. When you feel lost, when you are lost, the first thing to do is to stop. Indeed, it is an Enlightened Perception that we need to find our way back.

This goes through a neutral Observation, without judgment or comparison of the place in which we are. Thus, in this non-movement of Thought will spring Right Action which will put us back on the right path. « 

Voyageur’s Notes – 003 – 2102 – KLV

7. SHOCK = « New Knowledge

Let us take the case of a Blind man wandering about his business at the top of a valley, a Shock causes him to fall and he begins a descent to its bottom. Ideally, he goes up the slope on the other side after having understood the reasons for his fall and mourning the impossibility of returning to his point of origin. Indeed, this process has the effect of freeing him from his Ignorance and making him more aware of his actions in an irremediable way.

How is it possible?

We will call the Shock: « New Knowledge »
Understand that this « New Knowledge » goes against the Belief System of the Blind. Belief System precisely implemented by the One-Eyed.

Some examples:

  • The One-Eyed do not act for my own good or that of my peers.
  • One-eyed men have taught us that they are superior: smarter, more educated etc.
  • The One-Eyed educated us in an unnatural value, that of Authority.
  • The One-Eyed people act to divide the Blind into groups and make them oppose each other.
  • The One-Eyed Poison the Blind with food and harmful products.
  • The One Eyed Shapes the Consent of the Blind from birth to death.
  • The One-Eyed Modify the History of the Blind and rewrite it according to their purpose
  • The One-Eyed People are setting Traps for us all the time.

The list is long.

The difficulty for the blind man is to face this possibility and to accept that he has been deceived and not only him, but also his parents, grandparents, friends etc …

The Revelations of this Deception deeply affect the Blind Man which can lead to Acts of Violence or Aggression.

However, he must remain focused on himself: do not act and remain silent.
Indeed, to go to the end of the logic of the « New Knowledge » is to integrate that the first reactions of the Blind are conditioned by the One-Eyed.

8. Denial = the refusal of « New Knowledge »

In the following Illustrations, after the Shock of the « New Knowledge », the Blind man falls into a gray and dark place. This place is a cage and its walls symbolize the walls of the Labyrinth of the One-Eyed.

Isolated and in a state of Astonishment, not understanding what is happening, he consents that something bizarre and strange has happened.

His living conditions have deteriorated and his freedom has been reduced to a minimum.
Access to Information is more difficult because isolated from his peers, he is unable to exchange with them. Its only source of information comes from the One-Eyed Men themselves.

Here the Blind person tends to refuse the Current Situation and to avoid any logical and legitimate questioning.

He accepts the explanations of the One-Eyed (who will tell him that these new living conditions are for his own good and that of all) and even be aggressive towards other Blind people if the latter do not want to follow the Authority of the One-Eyes or who show him that « New Knowledge » is a Reality.

Strengthening Polarity and Opposition among the Blind generate confrontation and conflict, cleverly organized by the One-Eyed.

In short, a Blind who does not get out of Denial, will kindly follow the directions of the One-Eyed and stay at the Refusal stage.

NB: According to his profile, he can also become an Agent of the One Eyed and push other Blind people to join him, by exposing his privileges for example. We call them « Useful Idiots ».

9. Summary of the Stages of the Moulting Valley: The Descent

Once « New Knowledge » is accepted as a possibility, the Blind man realizes that he cannot return to the top of the Valley. He therefore begins his journey in the Valley.

In general, Descent causes a drop in energy, as his freedom is reduced and interactions with his peers are limited and controlled. In addition, he is in Unknown Terrain, which increases his stress and his Isolation increases the risk of disease.

Oscillations are made between Anger, Frustration, Fear, Anxiety etc …

The Blind also tends to return to the Denial box for reasons of comfort, which is understandable.

Finally, the descent ends in great sadness because many illusions, dreams, and past hopes are definitely over.

This stage is important because once passed, the Void and the Dry Tears open the door to Acceptance and with it that of Ascension.

“What would a Voyageur be without listening and being open-minded? What would a Voyageur be without his ability to adapt to a new environment?

Perceiving that Certainties, Habits and Beliefs are mental constructions and not Truths lead the Voyageur to gain maturity during his journey. In this change the Voyageur will learn to cross the stages of the Valley of the Mue. « 

Voyageur’s Notes – 004 – 2102 – KLV

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